What is Mesotherapy?

January 18th, 2019

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure which is minimally invasive that uses either a single needle, mesotherapy needling device, or electroporation devices to deliver beneficial vitamins and peptides to the superficial or mesoderm of the skin

If you are on a quest for dewy glowing skin Mesotherapy will be the answer. This treatment method is by no means new it was invented by Dr Michel Pistor in the 50’s whilst the technique has been used widely in South America and other European countries it’s taken a while to gain momentum within the UK 

Here at Skin Deep I choose various modalities to infuse the peptides or vitamins dependent upon the client requirements 

If you want to have skin that looks healthier, free from fine lines, dehydration, general dryness , blotchy uneven skin tone and dark circles Mesotherapy is a great option for you

Mesotherapy will give a great effect after one session but the results over a course and monthly maintenance sessions will achieve far superior results and as always treating your skin at home using a specific product package designed for you.

I always explain to my clients “would you expect to change your body shape with one gym session a month? The skin is a regenerative organ and it requires maintenance not a miracle, the blood feeds the cells of the skin so think about yourself as a whole”

My top Mesotherapy ingredients include

Matrixyl 3000

 A powerful formula based on a blend of peptides, these peptides bind to the cell membrane and activate processes aiming to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, and increase collagen.

The action of Matrixyl 3000 decreases muscle contraction and expression wrinkle formation, with excellent anti-wrinkle results.

The use of peptides can actually double the amount of protein collagen which is needed to keep the skin looking young and supple, Elastin increases and fine lines reduce. Matrixyl 3000 brings that essential boost in elimination of wrinkles and smoothening of skin

Hyarulonic acid 

 A naturally an occurring component of connective tissue, helps to give elasticity maintaining tissue structure. 

Replenishes the lost stores of HA which declines as we age

The basic function of  hyaluronic acid on the skin is to create a hydrating film on the skin, reducing water loss and helping to hydrate

It improves hyration, reduces oxidative stress and adjusts skin oiliness through an immune reaction mechanism.

Polypeptide -7 

This is protein has the same structure as human growth hormone, this key hormone will stimulate tissue repair, growth and cell regeneration. 

Biogenic Caffeine

Is a type of active, It has an excellent compatibility with the skin, it is absorbed very fast and, because it is alcohol free, it can be applied around the eyes. It decongests and controls fluid retention in the skin reducing swelling around the eyes. It improves blood circulation and dark circles around the eyes.

If you would like to know more check out http://www.skindeep-clinic.co.uk/

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What is Mesotherapy?

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