What Is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) And Why Is It Important In Skin Care?

May 3rd, 2020

What is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and why is it Important in Skin Care?

HA is the numero uno ingredient you should be using within your skin care whatever your skin type along with SPF of course. It instantly hydrates, reduces fine lines and plumps the skin to have a dewy complexion whilst improving the appearance and structure of the skin long term! 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has a jelly-like consistency and it is the most important glycosaminoglycan (GAG) 

What’s A GAG?

Glycosaminoglycan is a family of carbohydrates that help to maintain collagen and elastin. 

It promotes the ability of the collagen and elastin fibres to retain moisture.

These act as a water reserve for the upper layers of the skin.


What does HA do? 

Hyaluronic acid promotes skin hydration, the production of Hyaluronic acid increases to aid wound healing which is helpful after treatments such as microneedling and chemical peeling. 

The HA within our bodies holds a thousand times its weight in water to prevent moisture evaporating from the skin and to help lubricate joints and the skin. 

Once we enter our twenties the skin begins to age, Internal factors caused by genetics and hormones and external factors such as UV rays, smoking, diet and lifestyle choices begin to have an effect, declining the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. As we step into our 30’s visible effects of these factors begin to appear on the surface of the skin: rough texture, blemishes, pigmentary changes, lines and wrinkles. To help prevent the decline of hyaluronic acid stores within our bodies we can use specifically prescribed skin care, facial treatments and you can increase your daily  intake of fruit and veg which is packed with antioxidants

It's important to understand that not all hyaluronic acid is created equal in fact there are six different weights of HA all having a different effect on the skin reaching a different layer. 


The higher the molecule the higher up it stays! 


The larger molecules of HA work quickly improve the visual effects of the skin's appearance. Fine lines will diminish and fine dehydrated lines will vanish. 

The smaller molecules reach the deeper layers where they begin to have an effect on collagen production, water content, and lasting hydration 


The weight of HA within our bodies ranges and each of these weights has a different result within our skin. 


Forms a protective film on the skin. Gives a lifting and firming sensation


Gives a longer lasting hydration within the skin. It helps in the penetration of active ingredients in the skin. 


Immediate hydration and carries active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin


Deeply hydrates the skin 

Strong carrier of active substances. 


Restoration of moisture deposits.

Potent anti-aging factor. 

It activates growth factors responsible for the increase of cellular renewal and increases the rate of collagen production 

Repairs damaged cells and prevents free radical damage 

 6. MINI SODIUM HYALURONATE: Very low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid 

Able to penetrate easier in the lower skin levels. Repairs damaged cells, scavenges free radicals, deeply moisturizing and antiaging.


The three key Serums from the Juliette Armand Range containing HA 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

 A medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid (MMW) that creates a moisturizing film on the skin reducing the transdermal water loss. Simultaneously, it contributes to the structural integrity of the extracellular matrix of the skin, forming a strong grid supporting the collagen and elastin fibers, enhancing the skin’s consistency and firmness.It restores the water balance in facial skin and strengthens its texture and firmness. Recommended for dry complexions that lack hydration.

Hydra Bonding Serum 

It contains the ANTARCTICINE (glycoprotein) and PENTAVITIN which shield the skin in synergy with two types of hyaluronic acid (HMW & XSMW) enhancing the skin’s water reserves and reducing transdermal loss. It also contains DERMASOOTH, a blend of plant extracts (Enteromorpha Compressa, Silybum Marianum, Ocimum Sanctum) and panthenol that reduce redness caused by irritations and inflammations and protect the skin barrier. 

Sirtuin Hyaluronic Serum 

It combines the moisturizing, firming action of hyaluronic acid with the anti-aging action of sirtuin. The  hyaluronic acid contained is a MMW, LMW, XS creating a moisturizing film, reducing the transdermal water loss. It contributes to the structural integrity of the extracellular matrix of the skin, forming a strong grid supporting the collagen and elastin fibers. 

Sirtuin, a saccharomycetes of biomimetic activity of the Sirtuin proteins, is characterized as the longevity gene due to its action mechanism (cell “self-purification”). Recommended for skin with early signs of aging and for preventative protection.


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What Is Hyaluronic Acid (HA) And Why Is It Important In Skin Care?

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