Top Tips For Winter Skin

December 2nd, 2015

Top Tips for Winter Skin

Cold weather, wind, central heating and wood burners all stealing that all important moisture from your skin. The festivities are just beginning and the wine is flowing your soft plumb skin withers. This time of year can be the worst for your skin. Adding moisture to the skin may help but to prevent chapping, spots, fine lines, congestion, tight ness and redness you need to do more.

Try these top tips I give to my clients this time of year.

Water, water and more Water

The body needs water and the skin our largest organ is 70% water. The best way to hydrate the skin keep it youthful and firm is to provide this organ with water; it will reduce those fine lines around your cheeks, forehead and mouth dramatically. Lime makes a refreshing drink it’s great for quick hydration, rejuvenation, high in vitamin C helping with sluggish complexion and digestion. One glass of wine will deplete the equivalent of four glasses of water, so hydrate and think 2 litres a day.

Beauty Sleep

Yep it’s a thing while you sleep your skin works overtime to repair and reproduce cells so help it along if you suffer with flaky skin use a good night cream or use alpha hydroxy acids to help speed up that cell renewal, reduce fine lines, pigmentation marks and spot producing bacteria. Try Juliette Armand AHA 6% Fluid £37.00. Don’t forget dryer areas such as the hands, elbows, knees and feet try body butter before bed to enrich the skin.  Always remember to wash away the debris from the skin in the morning the skin will be pushing out any toxins from the pores and shedding old cells always cleanse this away.

Food, Good Food.

Foods that provide the skin with more water can include but not limited to melons, apples, oranges, kiwis and celery. The added bonus is that many of these food contain Vitamin C vital this time of year for our immunity and it’s great for anti-aging too. An apple a day keeps anti-aging at bay…Vitamin C supports the growth of collagen and Elastin. Juliette Armand Caviar Cream £37.00 is packed full of omega 3’s which help support the building blocks of our skin collagen and elastin.

Cleanse morning and night

The wrong choice of cleanser can leave your skin feeling tight, oily, dry and irritated.  If you wake up and there is no oil present on your skin then come 2pm there is an oil shine you need to rethink your cleanser. Is it too harsh does your skin feel taut after using?? Cleansers can be extremely drying to the skin. If the skin is feeling itchy has spots underneath the skin and redness try Juliette Armand Sensitive Cleansing Gel £18.00 this wash off cleanser is perfect for many skin types and is easy to use.  If your skin feels dry use a creamy cleanser and toner which hydrate. After cleansing, don’t leave the skin bare. Apply a hydrating moisturiser to seal in moisture if you have oily skin don’t despair try Juliette Armand Clarity Therapy cream £21.00 this regulates sebum and gives the skin a matte effect.

Moisturise with Care

Some over-the-counter moisturisers have petroleum-based ingredients that can dry the skin this time of year. Choose right for you and how your skin feels right now as the seasons change so do our skin ‘Moods’.  Pick smart if you have oily skin don’t despair try Juliette Armand Clarity Therapy cream £21.00 this regulates sebum and gives the skin a matte effect. If you are dry and have flaky patches use a moisturiser or serum that has natural soothing hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid and some natural oils such as macadamia and jojoba Try Juliette Armand Hydra Action Cream £30.00 a light weight cream which gives great hydration use Juliette Armand Vitality Cream Mask £21.00 as a night cream to nourish and protect it contains seaweed extracts to firm the skin.

Cover up

If you do any outdoor activities or work outdoors always protect your hands and face as much as possible use a scarf around the lower face wear a hat and wear gloves to help prevent your hands from cracking and chapping. Remember if its daylight the sun is there so protect by using a SPF 30. The elements effect the skin dramatically by speeding up the aging process causing free radical damage so always cover up as much as possible and use an oil rich moisturiser to prevent any excess moisture escaping.

Warm Air

This time of year I see a dramatic rise in dry flaky skin central heating and wood burners take any humidity from the air and suck your skin dry. Keep a bowl of water in the room or use a humidifier to put moisture in the air, keep up with the water intake and apply an oil rich moisturiser.

A facial this time of year will be a welcomed break to any skin, a perfect relaxing treat!

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Top Tips For Winter Skin

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