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The Introduction of Vein Away

September 10th, 2019

Vein Away was brought in to the clinic at Skin Deep after requests from clients who had skin imperfections and capillaries which needed treatment. I needed to find a device which was safe and effective to use for the removal of small capillaries, skin tags and angiomas to use within clinic. I decided after careful consideration and review of the different modalities on the market that the vein away had the technology I required for my clients. Skin lesions are small imperfections which can really affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem finding a device which was reliable quick and pain free was paramount.

The Vein Away machine has been developed by Dr Brian Newman, who has been a leader for over 35 years in the industry. It provides safe and effective treatments with immediate and visible results. It’s quick, has no material downtime and is very popular with our clients.

Vein Away brand ambassador Dr Brian Newman says, "I have worked over 20 years developing treatments for spider veins. Vein Away system adds a new perspective in virtually painless, minimally invasive therapy for small blood vessels and skin blemishes. I can add my support to the many practitioners who are getting excellent results with the new Vein Away patented technology.”

Vein away is the platinum standard for removal of thread veins which provides a comfortable treatment with immediate results. Vein away treatment targets these small veins using a Teflon filament, meaning all skin types can be treated with no risk of allergies. The frequency used is controlled in short cycles as opposed to other frequencies, where the pattern of heat is three times higher which can cause irritation and damage to the skin. This heat will coagulate the skin imperfections.

Treatment sessions are usually fifteen or thirty-minute sessions depending upon your personal requirements and follow up sessions if required would be carried out in 2-6 weeks after the initial session.

Please note for optimum results you may require more than one session this can be discussed at the consultation

You can use this treatment for the following skin blemishes:

Cherry Angioma – small red dots which can be up to  3mm in length

Skin Tags – small flesh coloured growths

Milia- small hard white cysts underneath the skin which protrude the surface

Blood Vessels- fine red capillaries

Whilst these skin lesions are harmless, they can be unsightly and [people prefer to remove them.

What does it feel like after treatment?

Skin will be red and feel warm, this will disappear quickly within a few hours.

Healthcare Advice 48 hours after procedure

Do not touch the area

Avoid perfume-based products

Do not use heavy foundations – 100% mineral is allowed

Avoid sun exposure and use SPF 30

Do not exfoliate the skin- micro crusts may appear these will disappear on their own if left untouched and will not mark

Do not consume aspirin or any other medication that thin the blood

Avoid exercise

Apply appropriate soothing product given after treatment

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The Introduction of Vein Away
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