The Famous Five Holiday Skin Saviors

June 18th, 2019

Skin Deep’s Facialist Jody Taylor explains her Famous Five for Holiday skin.

Why your skin doesn’t have to suffer this holiday!!!

Travelling can cause havoc on the skin if no prevention or maintenance treatments and products are used. Long hours spent in air conditioned over populated environments without clean air and this is the perfect environment for your skin to shrivel and cells to die!

The number one top tip is hydration the skin will need hydration not only internally but externally too. If you suffer with acne, blackheads, sensitivity, dryness and dehydration come this time of year hydration is your skins best friend. If the skin can function normally it will repay you with dewy bright glowing skin

Here are my Famous five products to ensure your perfect complexion this season.

Jody’s Holiday Essentials ‘The Famous Five’

As a suffer or dry and sensitive skin the heat, travelling and swimming pools can play havoc with my skin these are the Juliette Armand Skin Care products I take away with me to keep my skin looking great all holiday.

Sensitive Cleansing Gel

Specifically formulated for sensitive skin this wash is great it is quick and easy to use and removes eye make -up too. Osmopure is an ingredient which works wonders to protect against harmful pollutants, it also creates a barrier to prevent water loss from within the skin. It also contains a medium weight hyaluronic acid which helps prevent dryness and dehydration.

Hydra Bonding Serum

The perfect serum to enhance my skin, protecting water reserves and shielding from external environmental aggressors such as air cabins, air conditioning and extreme heat and draught conditions. The ingredient Dermasmooth ™ reduces redness irritations and inflammation. I apply this twice daily.

Multi Hydrating Cream Face cream

 Fantastic light weight cream which replenishes lost moisture protecting from further water loss. Contains two weights of hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, vitamin E and Shea butter for long lasting moisturisation.

I apply this in the morning over the hydra bonding serum and again at night time over hydra bonding serum.

Sunfilm SPF 30

I absolutely adore this product what’s not to Love, this is lightweight and tinted to give a lovely tone to the complexion. And it sits great under make-up in an evening.

This is a broad-spectrum sunscreen protecting against UVA and UVB rays.

The unique Antitox™ ensures antioxidant properties are activated.

Helioguard 365 is a natural UV-screening active which protects against photo-ageing

Sunfilm also contains panthenol and aloe vera for soothing and hydration.

It is Ideal for all skin types including children.

*Apply sun cream at a rate of 2 mg/cm2 30 minutes before sun exposure. 

Vitality Cream Mask 

An innovative cream mask of a fine silky texture. It revitalizes, tones and moisturizes tired and dehydrated skin and has a firming action. It contains extracts from the seaweed Spirulina with firming effects. Vitamins E, C and F, provides the skin with amino acids and essential fatty acids for the preservation of its natural moisture balance. Its fine texture helps the skin to deeply absorb and retain the ingredients contained in the product. great to apply as a night cream and sleep in overnight.

My Treatment choice this Summer

Pro Facial Lift will be my pre-holiday treatment of choice this year, a complete facial treatment combining hydra peeling and lifting to ensure great complexion and tone.

The hydra peeling will deeply cleanse away any toxins and surface debris, remove any congestion to reduce pores whilst enhancing the penetration of active ingredients for further hydration. The water-binding properties nourish the skin to achieve optimal hydration. The three lifting phases accelerate circulation and blood flow improving the skin efficiency, complexion, tone and texture. The instant lift gives a great boost.

45-minute treatment £80.00

*Top tip if you are travelling long haul, I always take travel sized bottle to remove my make -up at the start of the flight and apply Vitality Cream Mask near the end of the flight I tone away the mask moisturise, apply my Sunfilm SPF30 and reapply make-up. This prevents all those pesky fine lines appearing as you disembark!

Don’t forget drink plenty of water to help prevent further water loss!!

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The Famous Five Holiday Skin Saviors

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