SkinDeep Launches Nano Lift and Sculpt

January 28th, 2021

Nano Lift and Sculpt Treatment

Skin Deep Nano Lift and Sculpt treatment addresses the issues that come with ageing, this treatment is to promote a youthful and healthy appearance of the skin with maximum relaxation.

The nano lift and sculpt uses two modalities, Suzuki microcurrent patented technology and iontophoresis. Microcurrent is not a new modality in the 60’s Dr’s Baker and Doyle demonstrated that long term muscle re-education could only be achieved using less than 1hz.

Not all microcurrent is created equally “True microcurrent uses less than 500 microamperes and because of its low intensity, is typically subsensory, and cannot cause a physical or visual manipulation of the muscle via the electrical current. Bearing this in mind, an accessory such as probes or electric gloves are used to physically move the muscle into the desired position to perform what is known as muscle re-education; the process of lengthening or shortening muscles” David Suzuki

The muscles of the face lengthen as we age causing laxity and wrinkles, using nano technology over the belly of the muscle causes these muscles to contract and shorten. The Golgi tendon is situated within the tendon and targeted to re-educate the muscle. (A tendon attaches the muscle to bone, within the tendon is collagen bundles and the Golgi tendon which is a sensory receptor)

Microcurrent emits micro electrical impulses to mimic the body’s own electrical signals, which in turn increases Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) as much as 500% which is important for ageing skins, the ATP is produced by the mitochondria which preserves the energy of the cell. The decrease of ATP production attributes the natural ageing process. Increased levels of ATP stimulate protein synthesis, detoxification and reconstitute collagen and elastin. The dramatic increase of 500% ATP allows the muscles to stay in the new re-educated position for longer periods of time.

During the Nano Lift and Sculpt treatment all 32 facial muscles are manipulated.

The highly relaxing skin work section of the Nano Lift and Sculpt treatment uses an electrical current to enable the penetration of charged molecules deep into the skin. A range of serums, masks and creams will be used to ensure the enhancement which is ideal for ageing skins carrying those active ingredients to those deeper layers. For those suffering with congestion skin work will be carried out to remove those blockages using ultrasonic exfoliation leaving the skin smooth fresh and prepared for product applications.

The first session will have a visible difference but the long-term effects are cumulative, a course of treatments are recommended and maintenance monthly sessions. Nano lift and Sculpt are not only great to improve the signs of ageing but as a preventative treatment for the over 35’s. treatments are bespoke and can be adapted to treat not only ageing but dryness, acne breakouts, wound healing and sensitivity.

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SkinDeep Launches Nano Lift and Sculpt

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