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Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)


What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

SMP provides a great solution for men and women

Scalp micro pigmentation, is a non-surgical highly specialised process whereby micro dots of organic pigment are positioned into the dermal layer of the skin. The pigments are placed in a way to exactly replicate the appearance of hair follicles thus giving the illusion of shortly cut hair.

SMP specialist training

The SMP specialist at Skin Deep is fully trained and certificated in scalp micro pigmentaion. All insurances are in place.

How will it look?

Due to the natural look of the treatment the beauty of this procedure is you can pick exactly how you want your hairline and the density of the hair to look. Working with our SMP specialist together you will design a new hairline and agree on the overall look you desire, from sharp and angular to a soft and natural look.

What is the process?

Initially your enquiry email will be answered and an arrangement made for suitable times to video call you.

Via video we can establish the extent and location of hair loss, what you are looking for in your treatment and to book you in for a consultation/first session.

On arrival at your consultation you will be required to fill out a medical questionnaire. We will discuss how you would like your hair to look and if you require a new hairline creating this will be drawn on for you to assess.

A patch test with soak time will be applied in preparation for the initial session. The patch test will achieve the correct colour match for your hair and assess how your body reacts to the treatment.

The initial session involves creating the overall effect of the treatment. Density will be added to the area in a more reserved way and if a hairline has been created this will be approached in a reserved manor also.

Allow plenty of time for the consultation and initial session.

At least a week later the second session can begin, starting with an assessment of the previous sessions work. Further density will be added, any adjustments can be made to both colour and design of the treatment to suit your needs.

One month after the second session, the final session can begin. Your treatment will be the finished article at the end of this session, in line with the initial vision discussed and agreed during the consultation between yourself and the SMP specialist. This session allows for any finer details or density increase to make the treatment perfect.

Does it hurt?

SMP treatment uses a very fine needle ensuring the pain is minimal.

How long will it take?

The total treatment time will vary for every client but allow six hours for consultation and the initial session following sessions allow four hours.

Is the treatment suitable for women?

Absolutely, the treatment can be used for women with any degree of hair loss or hair thinning.

Will people notice?

NO! The treatment looks incredibly natural and no one will notice it being any different to your own hair follicles.

How long will the treatment last?

This will be dependent on lifestyle and environmental factors. Occupation or hobbies which require long durations spent outdoors in direct sunlight will require the treatment topping up more regularly then someone who works indoors . Top up sessions will be required every few years dependent on the factors mentioned above. Top up sessions are priced at a reduced set rate for existing Skin Deep customers; you are our walking adverts we want you to look and feel great.

Is SMP right for you?

Different types of hair loss require different types of treatment; SMP is excellent for the following

  • Crown balding – If you have thinning hair or balding of the crown SMP will add darkness to the area so even if you do not want to shave your head covering the visible scalp with well-placed pigment dots will camouflage the scalp and blend the hair to the hairless area.
  • Receding hair – If your hairline has receded at the temples or into a widow's peak style, SMP can reshape your hairline in this area.
  • General thinning – if you have a full head of hair but it has thinned out showing the scalp beneath SMP will work in a similar way to covering crown balding in that darkening the scalp with pigment will give the appearance of much thicker hair.
  • Total baldness – If you no longer have any hair on the top of your head a new hairline will be designed to your liking and SMP will be carried out over the entire head and blended perfectly into the surrounding hair on the sides, The hair will need to be kept very short for the appearance of a full but shaved head of hair.
  • Scars – If you have scars from previous hair transplant procedures or similar, these can be worked on with SMP to camouflage the difference in skin tone and give the appearance of hair follicles in an area where hair no longer naturally grows. Results will depend on the type and condition of the scar but excellent results can be achieved.
  • Alopecia – For Alopecia in certain areas only, they will be dealt with much like balding of the crown with pigment being placed to darken the area and give the appearance of hair follicles. If the condition affects the whole head a full hairline including the sides and back will be designed and pigment will be placed to cover the entire area. This will obviously be much more time consuming and require more sessions then other variations of the treatment but will yield immediate and life altering appearance changes.

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