Protecting Your Skin Wearing A Mask During Covid-19

May 12th, 2020

Mask wearing is looking like it soon will become reality for us all, this is a short blog on how to protect your skin during this time

Medical masks are different to the ones the general public will be wearing. These Medical masks may cause severe dryness, sensitivity and bruising, this could lead to some skin discolouration over time. 

For the general public there will be a variety of options and homemade versions available to choose from, all of which over time will cause the skin barrier to become impaired. A breathable fabric will filter more air a natural cotton will do this. 

*The barrier of the skin is there to reduce infection, bacteria and irritations occurring

The four key points for everyone to remember.

  • Wear a clean mask whenever humanly possible
  • Wash on a hot 60-degree cycle or above and refrain from using fabric softeners or tumble dryer sheets these chemicals can become irritating as you create a hot sweaty climate underneath this will lead to sensitivity and spots around the mouth area.
  • Before wearing any mask, apply a rich oil-based moisturiser or balm.
  • Make sure your skincare regimen is gentle.

The climate created under the mask can cause issues as can the constant pressure from the mask, heat and sweat will break down the structure of the skin causing irritations and possible swelling which compromises the skin this will then be expressed on the surface of the skin as pimples, trauma lines, dry patches and redness.

Different skin types will need to prepare the skin in different ways and change up normal skin care routines to accommodate wearing masks.

Oily Skins

  • The environment under a mask will cause the skin to sweat which can lead to breakouts especially for people who are already acne-prone. 
  • To help treat the breakouts wearing a cream that contains zinc or Canadian willow bark will help reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Use a gentle cleanser which will remove excess oil but will not cause excessive dryness, permit use of salicylic based washes.
  • Using creams rich in hyaluronic acid and water will help the skin to have a barrier of protection without using oil.

*Top product Hydra Clarifying serum 

Moisturizing serum for acne-prone and oily skin.

Combines the moisturising effect of hyaluronic acid with the carnation extract to regulate oiliness. The LMW hyaluronic acid it contains moisturizes and balances skin oiliness. Red Clover Extract assists regulating the skin’s oiliness and reduces the size of its dilated pores. It moisturises, tones and balances the oiliness.


Dry Skins

  • A dryer skin could become itchy, red and sensitive becoming more prone to dermatitis due to the breakdown of the barrier function 
  • Use an oil-based moisturiser and one that contains soothing ingredients 
  • Taking a supplement of omega 3&6 EFA (essential fatty acid) will help the body internally to prevent dryness.



  • People who already have inflammatory or chronic skin conditions, such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis are likely to experience increased flare-ups.
  • Rosacea sufferers, would be best to totally refrain from heavy make up wearing use light foundation or tinted moisturisers 
  • Taking a vitamin B complex supplement will help to reduce redness and sensitivity

*Top Product Hydra Bonding Serum

Moisturising, soothing serum specifically formulated for extremely low temperatures and drought conditions.

It contains the ANTARCTICINE (glycoprotein) and PENTAVITIN which shield the skin in synergy with two types of hyaluronic acid (HMW & XSMW) enhancing the skin’s water reserves and reducing transdermal loss. It also contains DERMASOOTH, a blend of plant extracts and panthenol that reduce redness caused by irritations and inflammations and protect the skin barrier.


Make up 

Refrain from wearing make-up when possible it will create an environment for bacteria leading to more oil production and breakouts.

These will be difficult once they appear to reduce due to the continuous wearing of masks 

If you must wear make-up try to use a 100% mineral where possible to allow oxygen to the skin.


Skin care routine for mask wearing 

  • As soon as your home wash your hands and remove the mask or dispose of the mask
  • Use a gentle cleanser if you aren’t wearing makeup you will need a lighter cleanse 
  • Apply a serum twice a day for hydration and sensitivity reduction
  • Use an oil-based night cream if you have acne or you are prone to breakouts a product containing Hyaluronic acid will be most beneficial
  • Start to use a Skin masque twice a week that hydrates and soothes
  • Taking time to care for your overall skin health will help improve, repair, maintain the importance barrier function if you can manage this your skin will be in good condition throughout. 

Hopefully these tips helps prevent the unwanted skin side effects from wearing masks. 


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Protecting Your Skin Wearing A Mask During Covid-19

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