Mindfulness Facial

January 26th, 2018

The mindfulness facial treatment has been designed by Jody Taylor especially for her clients, to promote inner warmth, happiness and balance. One’s own time to completely immerse in ‘self’

What is mindfulness

“A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique”   Collins dictionary


The facial is a massage focused  treatment incorporating the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and the feet. The benefits of the massage principles used will not only promote mindfulness but improve the skin condition greatly.

The massage medium chosen for this treatment is the Juliette Armand hyaluronic filler an oil serum which hydrates, protects against transdermal water loss and increases skin elasticity through collagen synthesis.

Ingredients and Benefits of this oil include:

Hyaluronic acid:  High concentrate of hyaluronic acid of a low molecular weight which will transport deeply in the skin for complete restoration of moisture reserves.

Macadamia oil: Rich in phytosterols. Phytosterols prevent the sun halting or disturbing the collagen production whilst encouraging collagen growth

Grape seed oil: Rich in anti-oxidant phytosterols which prevent oxidative stress.  

Avocado Oil: Rich in Vitamins Α and Ε, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid.

The treatment:

After cleansing the face, décolletage and feet with hot towels the massage treatment begins with the sweeping and warming movements of Swedish massage to warm the tissues kneading tension from around the jaw, neck , shoulder and eyes.

The second stage of the massage treatment is acupressure a chinese principle used to relieve tension.

Acupressure is a natural aid used to improve ageing skin and release tension. This principle I have added not only for deep tension release but for the amazing benefits to improving the skin.

Benefits include:

The blood circulation brings good nutrients to the surface ensuring natural glow and luster.

Cell metabolism improves pushing away dead cells reducing dry skin, dull complexion, sallow tone and spots.

Wrinkle depth improvement,  from the tension release.

Collagen production is increased once the muscle fibres are stimulated.

Eye pressures improve dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness.

Release irritations or allergy of the skin.

GUA SHA the third massage stage, the GUA SHA massage technique is a Chinese beauty ritual used in traditional Chinese medicine to keep the skin youthful and smooth. The stones used to promote skins health and mindfulness include jade and rose quartz.  This technique is extremely light compression to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness allowing for improved blood flow, clarifying the complexion and improving rejuvenation.  The GUA SHA technique improves wrinkles, reduces sagging and decreases puffiness.

Jade: In china jade is believed to have healing and protective properties. The jade cools and soothes the skin improving healing.


Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love and harmony. Rose quartz re-energises, rejuvenates and renews the skin, helping to balance the mind and the senses.


The massage element completes with Thai foot rocking completing the treatment with time for 'self' before warm water is provided to refresh.  

To experience this truly wonderful experience of complete relaxation and anti-ageing contact Jody Taylor



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Mindfulness Facial

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