Laser Hair Removal Worth Every Penny!

March 8th, 2016

Laser hair removal sounds quite daunting and you don’t really know what to expect but like many things beauty it is an underwhelming procedure whilst been impressive. I was quiet dubious to start my course of six or more treatments and not knowing what to expect and not quiet wanting to feel the 'flicking of an elastic band' but as always curiosity got the better of me and well who doesn’t want to never have to shave or wax again or worry that they have forgotten to do a fundamental part of the female ....or male... grooming regime. 

I have waxed since starting Beauty Therapy course in 1996.....(A while ago now ) As a result the hairs are soft but still here every three weeks. To have the hair removed by light (laser) the hairs must be shaved not waxed or depilated…. To my horror which is very weird indeed to shave my underarm hair after so long but in for a penny. After the first session I wasn’t very impressed at all to be fair, especially immediately afterwards as there are no after effects at all and unlike waxing it feels like nothing has happened, definitely no plucked chicken effect, no wax stuck to under garments and no picking off fluff from remaining wax, and no feeling like I really required the soothing aloe vera.…….so three weeks later decided I should do the second session this time definitely feeling and seeing an improvement by session three I forgot all about them and also to check them! Yuk but was very impressed as they were hardly any there and a lot lighter. I am up to my fourth session and still waiting to find out what remains of my hairy armpits but I am not requiring that fifth session just yet…but already working my way down with good results by the end of summer will be totally fuzz free. Laser hair removal seems costly at first and well it is but it isn’t on going and it is permanent what’s not to love about long lasting results.

How does it work and what is it ??

The IPL machine will send a beam of light pulses on to the skin; these light pulses then penetrate below the layers of the skin to disrupt how the hair follicle grows and destroy any existing hairs.

IPL works best at removing hair when it’s actively growing. However not all the hair in the treatment area will be in this phase at any given time, the best way to explain the growth of hair is that it grows in cycles this is why we never have bald periods we always have hair.  IPL treatments will be spaced out over a period of time. This is to make sure that hair which isn’t treated in one session is affected in the next. The way hair grows is slightly different for everyone, so treatments are tailored to suit you.

At skin deep consultations are FREE and patch tests are £20.00 which will be deducted from any appointments. March Offer buy one area and receive the smaller area FREE……… contact Jody 01427 873341 for a fuzz free august.

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Laser Hair Removal Worth Every Penny!

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