Jody Taylor’s Top Ten Tips to Bring Back the Glow After Lockdown.

April 1st, 2021

Lockdown is coming to an end after a long winter and it has taken its toll on our skins, confined to our homes, lack of daylight, lack of human interaction and working from home has left many of our skins dry, dehydrated and lacklustre.

Here are my top ten tips to help promote healthy skin and bring back that healthy glow after lockdown.

1. Facial mist sprays

A big favourite of mine especially over this last year working from home means no make-up its easy to keep a handy spritz at the side of your desk to give yourself a quick hydration check throughout the day.

2. Layering

I’m a big fan of layering especially for hydration, when layering serums always use serums thin to thick. I like to include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C & E antioxidants to my routine.

Antioxidant are a must in skincare routines

The top benefit of anti-oxidants

Reducing the inflammatory response will reduce oxidative stress from the sun’s rays

Reducing the breakdown of collagen.

Reducing inflammation – allowing for repair and damage correction

Prevents sun damage through a reduction in the inflammatory response.

Improve skin tone reducing pigmentation.

Read more about anti-oxidant benefits here:


Hyaluronic Acid Benefits:

Locks in moisture in the cells with its ability to bind and retain moisture holding a 1000x its own weight.

The instant moisture will give a firmer and plump appearance

Antioxidant activity

Improves skin repair

Helps to encourage collagen production

Protects against UV


In a day time finish with tinted SPF and on an evening a peptide rich moisturiser


3. Smoothies

My Skin Game Smoothie try this at home or have a play around berries are full of antioxidants

Eating watermelon is quick way to help improve hydration its 98% water

Skin Game Smoothie

Scoop Rejuvenated Strawberry Smoothie

25g ginger health foods oats

Handful Cherries

Handful of mangos

250ml water

The benefits of this smoothie for improving my skin game and hydration levels.

Oats: high in fibre help with digestion and gut health - improving gut health will reduce inflammation. This will help reduce inflammatory skin conditions such as acne and rosacea

Cherries: these are your skin brightening hero’s high in antioxidants, vitamins ABC &E they fight free radical damage helping to prevent pigmentation and anti-ageing.

Mango: collagen boosting, hydration boosting, immunity boosting and inflammation reducing

Strawberry protein: also contains green tea, pea protein, vitamin C and chicory root.

The oats and protein smoothie are vegan, gluten free and lactose free

If you love overnight oats you really need to check out the different flavours from ginger_health_foods


4. EFA’s – Essential Fatty Acids

Omegas are important for the skin helping to regulate oil production reducing breakouts, improve hydration levels minimising the signs of ageing and reducing dry skin.


5. Rejuvenated Collagen drinks

Supplements such as the rejuvenated collagen a multi-award-winning hydrolysed collagen supplement containing 10000mg of collagen. Also containing vital vitamins B3, B5 C, zinc, cooper and hyaluronic acid all which support the growth of collagen. A daily drink of collagen will help promote not only youthful skin but benefit all structures made up of collagen and hydration stores within the body.

To read more about collagen read my blog here


6. Facial GUA SHA massage to help bring back glow.

GUA SHA massage technique is a Chinese beauty ritual used in traditional Chinese medicine to keep the skin youthful and smooth. The stones used to promote skins health and mindfulness include jade and rose quartz.  This technique is extremely light compression to promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness allowing for improved blood flow, clarifying the complexion and improving rejuvenation.  The GUA SHA technique improves wrinkles, reduces sagging and decreases puffiness.


7. SPF

Sunlight contains ultraviolet light this is responsible for damage of your DNA and reducing natural anti-oxidants both contributing to aging of the skin. The free radical damage causes wrinkles, pigmentation, and visible capillaries, rough and loose skin. 


8. Outdoor Exercise

Walking, running, cycling in the great outdoors has great benefits for the mind, cardiovascular benefits and also benefits for your skin if you apply the correct SPF coverage. The increase of blood flow helps to nourish skin cells to keep them vital whilst helping to carry away waste products including free radicals.

The reduction in stress is very beneficial to those who suffer with breakouts.


9. Sleep

You have to love a good night sleep your skin certainly does especially the eyes the reduction of blood flow and oxygen gives your eyes those dark circle sand a grey complexion. Beauty sleep is real take advantage and for an added anti-ageing boost use a silk pillow.


10. Water

Water its great for everything facialists, nutritionists, doctors, physios and personal trainers will always ask you to up your water and fundamentally we need it to function - our organs need it to survive and our skin needs it to function optimally


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Jody Taylor’s Top Ten Tips to Bring Back the Glow After Lockdown.