Inch Loss Wraps

May 19th, 2016

Skin Deep takes a look at its newest treatment for the summer Unwrapped inch loss

I have been looking for a salon inch loss wrap for a good few months. Trying to find the right one for me and my clients I wanted a wrap to be relaxing and comfortable I wanted one that doesn’t need washing off, uses no messy clay or mud. I didn’t want to use cling film that can make some clients too hot, feel faint and dehydrated.  I didn’t want to use bandages which literally feel like you are in a strait jacket and quiet claustrophobic for some. Instead with Unwrapped lie down enjoy a relaxing massage and facial treatment in one exactly the experience one would wish to receive in a Beauty Clinic.

Inch loss wraps in the past have not really been a treatment which has worked so it is not a treatment I have ever provided.  Inch loss treatments have improved over the last few years and treatments can provide impressive visible results. The way forward would be to use the wraps alongside good diet and exercise wrapping alone will not give you the results you desire it will take a little more hard work than that. I have been using the home care product myself every three nights just on my problem areas and can honestly say I have lost a good inch on the waist line (just one measurement) I feel a lot less bloated and can see an improvement with the texture and appearance of my thighs.

How it works..

The Unwrapped inch loss works immediately and over the next 72 hours you will also be able to see improvements in the texture and appearance of the skin. It will improve non-medial swellings and water retention. The increase in lymphatic drainage will help reduce the appearance of cellulite and aid the removal of toxins which lead to more cellulite. Firms and tightens the skin also reducing the visible appearance of stretch marks. The movement of fats , waste, toxic build up, nutrients without cell damage will aid the breakdown of fats through lipolysis. This in turn will reduce inches.

The ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure the best results possible all are proven, effective and lasting.

  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Lecithin (derived by soya bean)
  • Schinus Terebinthifolius Seed  Extract Oil
  • Mandarin Essential Oil


Grape Seed Oil


Moisturising properties (vitamin E content)


Good source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E


Biochemical research shows it to be rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins[1][2] (OPCs); incredibility strong antioxidant (~50 times stronger than antioxidants like vitamin C and E); therefore providing protection against cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals[3][4]


Astringent properties smooth’s, firms and tightens the skin




Common compound found in cells of all living organisms and its presence is required for proper biological function

  • A liposome which penetrates the skin in seconds


Protects cells by facilitating movement of fats, wastes, nutrients and ions in and out of the cells, whilst keeping the cell structure strong to keep its shape


Naturally speeds up the breakdown of fat, aiding the whole process, as well as boosting the metabolism


Schinus Terebinthifolius Seed Extra Oil


We use concentrated Schinus Terebinthifolius oil using supercritical C02.  This offers a unique ‘pre-lypolytic’ action which sets itself apart from other inch loss treatments.

Reduced protection of large lipid droplets against lipolytic agents

Reduced ability to take on fats during development of small lipid droplets into large ones




As a result of Perilipin A inhibition, adipophilin (marker for lipid) accumulation is increased:

Restricting small lipid droplet maturation; meaning the number of small drops increases compared to large drops


Improves micro-circulation for improved waste disposal


Mandarin Essential Oil

Improves the circulation of blood and lymph


Helps to removal toxins and other substances


Helps maintain moisture balance in the skin

Can be used to help acne, oily skin, scars, spots and stretch marks


Stress reliever


Helps with cellulite and fluid retention


How to get the most from your treatment


Always follow the pre and post care advice it will affect your results significantly. Incorporating exercise and a good diet will again promote long lasting results.

No inch loss treatments are permanent (I don’t care if they say they are they aren’t and neither is liposuction) you can only achieve the best results if you put follow the guidance given to you. (Why waste your time and money)


Pre Care Advice


Drink at least 2 litres of water before the treatment. This will not only help to eliminate the toxins but it has been proven to speed up the metabolic rate. If you exercise have an active job you will need more water than those who are sedentary. 2 litres is a guide some will need much more or slightly less. 2litres is about 8 glasses which hold 8oz of water.


Avoid caffeine , alcohol and soda for at least 48 hours pre treatment


Eat a light meal at least one hour prior to the treatment (treatment includes colon massage a large meal would make you feel terrible)


Shower before the treatment as you will need to wait until the next morning to shower for best results.


 Avoid using synthetic soaps, shower gels, lotions or creams as this will reduce penetration of the product.



Post Care

Do not shower or bathe for 24 hours to allow the product to continues its action


Drink plenty of water to flush through the toxins that have been released


If you develop a headache, this could be due to dehydration so increase your water intake


If possible, avoid tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours, ideally 72


Ideally have a course of treatments to achieve maximum effect:

  • Week 1: 2 treatments
  • Week 2: 3rd treatment
  • Week 3: 4th treatment
  • Week 4: 5th treatment
  • Week 5: 6th treatment


Eat a light, healthy diet and introduce some exercise.


Unwrapped Inch Loss ONLY £39.00 offer ends 31st May


Next month Unwrapped Inch loss with radio frequency, exercise plan and supplements.













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Inch Loss Wraps

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