Be Good To Your Skin This Summer

May 22nd, 2018

 With summer finally on the way these are Jody Taylor’s top ten tips for beautiful skin this summer 


1. Think protection and prevention and there is no better way than to use a SPF  30+ full spectrum block daily and if going out on an evening with light nights. Full spectrum block ensures protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The Juliette Armand SPF 30 is tinted to give a dewy complexion without the greasy shine acts as a fabulous make up primer for those summer nights. A snip at £22.00


2. Skin mists or water mists are great to revive the face and body during the summer months my favourite is Kehils cactus flower hydrating mist £18.50 not the cheapest spritz but very refreshing and balancing


3. Regular exfoliation once or twice a week will help to reduce open and clogged pores and prevent dry dehydrated skin. To beat summer pigmentation damage, try The AHA smoothing cream from Juliette Armand It is great to use on an evening to work into the skin for a few minutes and apply moisturiser on top and let it work whilst you sleep remove in the morning with water. Your skin will have a lovely refreshed silky glow in the morning. 


4. The use of masks for benefiting the skin have been around for centuries, there has to be something in it right…. But choose carefully and reap the benefits, only apply the mask once a week. Preparation before application is key, cleanse, exfoliate steam in a shower or bath then apply after the designated time rinse thoroughly.

Choose clay masks to refine the pores, reduce congestion and clarify blemishes. 

Hydrating and nourishing masks containing oils and vitamins E, C and F can reduce irritations, flaking and dehydrated lines. If your feeling lazy and mask application isn’t your thing try something you can leave on and sleep in such as the Juliette Armand vitality cream mask contain vitamins C, E, F and only £22.00  


5. Eye creams another step to add to the regime, eye creams are designed to use around the delicate eye area which is thinner, drier and more prone to lines especially from squinting in the sun. Apply eye cream or serum morning and evening before moisturiser around the occipital bone. For anti-ageing around the eyes choose an eye cream containing proven ingredients such as matriyxl. This is a powerful pentapeptide which stimulates the matrix layers in the skin to produce more collagen. The Juliette Armand range for eye creams, masks and serums all contain matriyxl


6. Facials in the summer season help to maintain a healthy glow reduce congestion and dehydration try milder treatments to reduce skin pigmentation with an anti-oxidant effect. Try adding an eyelash eyebrow tint and shape too and go make-up free.


7 Mineral make up let the skin breath 100% mineral in liquid form will give a nice dewy appearance to the skin, a great example is the bare pro skin liquid foundation £29.50 this foundation offers 24 hr breathable full coverage with SPF 20. This foundation offers fantastic coverage for acne scarring and pigmentation.


8 Vitamin C this is a great vitamin with many benefits load up on fruit and veg high in vitamin C or take a good quality supplement such viridian. It is widely known that vitamin C helps build immunity but it has many more benefits for the skin.  Vitamin C helps prevent cell damage caused by smoking, environmental pollutant and excess sun exposure. It aids production of collagen and improves the absorption of iron and folic acid. Vitamin C  protects the cells against future damage and against photo damage


9 Body moisturisers are often forgotten until the summer months arrive and neglected snake like legs are required to make an appearance. The best choices would be hydrating formulations containing very little perfume and aloe vera and other soothing ingredients.

10 Eat tomatoes and improve skin protection from the UV damage. studies have shown that the antioxidant lycopene, which gives tomatoes their colour, can help prevent DNA damage and block UVB penetration. The higher dose of lycopene can be found in tomato paste and this is not an alternative to correct sunscreen use.


Follow these tips for stress free glowing skin. 

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Be Good To Your Skin This Summer

Jody Taylor’s Top Ten Tips to Bring Back the Glow After Lockdown.
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