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All Things Skin Series

July 15th, 2020

As a busy skin clinic owner, lecturer and industry trainer I am privileged to work within all areas of the industry, this has been a perfect position for me to understand and recognise the gaps between what clients require and what is offered.

The largest area for professional short falls I have noticed is very rarely the application of treatments, the shortfalls almost always occur with the correct diagnosis and repeated updating of a treatment plan for an individual. Correctly diagnosing the problem enables you to treat client's in the most efficient and cost effective way possible, which in turn builds confidence and trust in you and your services leading to long term loyal clients.

The problem with this is that it requires a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the theory related to the skin overall and the effects of the treatments.

This knowledge gap is something I have wished to address for a long time, however due to my busy schedule, family commitments and my husband's erratic work schedule, it is always something I assumed I would come across in my own ongoing development and would recommend to other people.


Suddenly the only thing I had was spare time and I decided to make something positive from an otherwise negative situation. I began to put pen to paper and focus the extent of my 22 years of industry knowledge into a collection of theory courses aimed directly at skin specialists. This quickly became a very large and very time-consuming task however as the lockdown periods were extended then extended again I began to look back at the collective work I had produced, slowly but surely realising that I had successfully created the exact product that I had been searching for answering all those frequent questions I receive.

I truly believe that this series of courses will enable anyone who participates to have a greater understanding of the treatments they are recommending, thus allowing them to better diagnose the varying problems and prescribe the best treatment combinations with a hugely increased level of efficiency thus bridging the gap between client expectations and real world results. I decided to call the series


Those truly passionate skin specialists will always be researching, reading and learning from other professionals. Working as a facialist is an exciting and rewarding occupation whilst demanding of our time there is always more to learn. Only in the last couple of years has Neil Theise a professor at New York University's School of Medicine and his team of researchers found a new organ they're calling the "interstitium”. This is located in the extracellular fluid in a third that is only partially known. The extracellular fluid is in the space outside of the cells the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) is an important function to understand for skin specialist’s and covered within the advanced theory units.

The skin micro biome's importance to skin function is becoming more recognised in the last few years after its first discovery in the mid-eighties. Facialists discuss its importance along with gut micro biome to clients.

Those that have a passion for skin have a drive to be able to deliver safe treatments with great results and they are aware they need to fully understand the complex organ that is the skin.

All Things Skin will introduce new topics quarterly, provide free PDF downloads and early bird discounts subscribe to skin deep’s community for All things Skin keeping you up to date with industry advancements. For a true professional the learning should never end and to reflect this, the teaching will also never end.

I am so confident of the content which I have developed that I am giving away the first course 'Skin Analysis'


No strings attached, simply follow the link below, sign up and download it now, it's yours to keep. I chose this course as it is the most important service we offer for new and ongoing clients, the correct analysis of the skin condition is the foundation to which we build our service on and done correctly and confidently will lead to a positive and productive relationship between client and practitioner.

So here it is, take the course and master the art of skin analysis procedure. Use these new or refreshed skills to pass on the power of your knowledge to clients and reap the rewards of a loyal client base and industry integrity which in return will drive the success of your business.

The All Things Skin series of courses has been developed for skin specialists wishing to carry out professional development in all areas of skin. The series of courses cover the subject areas of skin anatomy, physiology, ingredients, treatments and more.

ACCESS HERE:-  https://academy.skindeep-clinic.co.uk/skin-analysis


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All Things Skin Series