AGEING SKIN – How Dermapen Microneedling Sessions Help and Why Maintenance Sessions Are Important.

January 4th, 2018

Ageing skin – How Dermapen Microneedling sessions help and why maintenance sessions are important.

Ageing- This is a fact! Daily we are ageing and there are many, many theories of aging one thing they have in common is they contradict one another and none are fully able to explain the true process of ageing.


However…… it is understood how ageing causes progressive decline in the structure and function of the body.


The cells divide more slowly as we age; when these building blocks begin to decline they affect the connective tissue. Connective tissue (collagen and elastin) is an important feature within the body and as it declines in efficiency it affects the structure, support and binding organs and tissues such as bone, muscle, blood, lymph and skin.

Cellular changes occur as we age in the beginning increased oxidation causes free radial damage of cells and cell walls weaken. Tran’s epidermal water loss is increased. The reduction of fibroblasts in turn causes a reduction of collagen and elastin fibers this connective tissue reduction impairs the quality of the skins structure and that of other tissues. The reduction of cell maturation and cell mitosis decreases the efficiency of cellular renewal. The sebaceous glands and sweat glands function declines causing skin to become dry.


The two main theories which affect the skin include:

Intrinsic ageing - Genetically predetermined, a natural decline in the skins structure.

Extrinsic aging - A response to the environmental and lifestyle choices of the individuals.

Intrinsic and extrinsic ageing affects individuals in different ways depending on diet, lifestyle, genetics and environment; however they will all show similar characteristics on the surface of the skin.

 How to help improve this will be discussed during your consultation and treatment planning.


How does Micro needling help?

Micro needling collagen induction therapy is a fabulous treatment for stimulating collagen and general overall regeneration and revitalization of the cells and tissues by creating a controlled wound healing response. This will improve the overall tone, texture and feel of the skin over a period of sessions and time there will be a reduction in wrinkle depth and skin laxity.

Dermapen targets the individual areas of concern whilst stimulating the important growth factors which will ensure the skin functions optimally.

The skin is continually ages therefore maintenance is key! As we age the protein fibers (collagen) is not produced as readily the Dermapen will stimulate these growth factors after treatment for month’s even years to come. The Dermapen MesoGlide combination will achieve superficial mesotherapy whilst combating other skin characteristics.

A series of treatments is usually required after this time maintenance sessions will be carried out either 4 monthly or 6 monthly this combined with regular skin care will leave your skin functioning at its best.

Dermapen treats conditions such as acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, ageing, wrinkles, skin laxity, skin texture and congestion.

To discuss your options and how to improve your skin’s health, appearance and function please contact Jody @

*information from this blog has been adapted from a paper written by myself Jody Taylor for VTCT level 4 physiology of ageing.





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AGEING SKIN – How Dermapen Microneedling Sessions Help and Why Maintenance Sessions Are Important.

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